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Discovery Blinds Sports has had a presence at Kirkwood Mountain Resort since 1979 when we were known as KIBS. We have since become Discovery Blind Sports and our goal is to teach challenging sports to people with little or no vision. We achieve this through innovative methods developed by skiers, guides, racers, coaches, and ski instructors. We've created our own unique teaching system after years of on the hill practice, many yard sales, and our numerous experiences on the slopes. We are able to do this through the involvement of our volunteers, family, and friends who all have one thing in common; we all love to be on the slopes. Whether it's jumping a cornice on a powder day, carving a groomed slope on two skis, shredding a gully on a snowboard, enjoying the serenity of the cross country trails, or having a snowball fight in the Plaza, it all good. One thing we don't run out of is smiles.

We have a unique program as we are not ski instructors; we are not on a scheduled two hour lesson, or looking towards our next paying customer. We are with our athletes for the whole day, from start to finish; sometimes the families will join us for a few runs, meet us for lunch, or want to learn how to be a guide... and we offer it all.

Discovery Blind Sports is dedicated to fostering self-sufficiency in children and adults by improving their mobility, independence, confidence, and social skills through involvement in physical activities. All individuals must be legally blind to participate in our programs. All ages and ability levels are welcome and each athlete receives guidance and instruction based on their individual needs and desires. Through Discovery Blind Sports Programs, our athletes develop coordination and confidence- ---essential ingredients for a healthy, active life style, and they leave with a memorable, fun, mountain experience.

Discovery Blind Sports offers guides for alpine, telemark, and cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding. We are also experts at snowball fights and riding the inner tubes. We offer training clinics for guides, beginner to advanced, that we encourage all family and friends to attend, all at no cost to the individuals.

Discovery Blind Sports is an all volunteer, 501(C) (3) non-profit corporation that through reduced overhead has been able to offer scholarships to many individuals and groups so that they too can experience what Mountain Resorts has to offer. Through the dedication of time, money, expertise, and personal effort we can offer a fantastic experience to people who never thought it was possible. Our athletes go home with a lift ticket on their coat, an "experts only" sticker on their helmet, and a smile from ear to ear.

Many of our athletes have moved on; some are CEO's, some are now retired and still skiing, some are learning to race at the age of eleven, some are now in college , but one thing we know for sure...

"They have felt the freedom"

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