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We appreciate that you adhere to the following policies:

DBS trains all of their guides to provide the best possible guide in any situation.

  • For identification and discount purposes skiers/riders and guides must wear Discovery bibs for safety while on the slopes.
  • Skiers/riders and guides shall not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during participation with DBS.
  • In respect to your skier/rider or guide - please be punctual.
  • Skiers/Riders and Guides are representatives of DBS.
  • Follow skier/rider safety codes at all times.
  • A $40 stipend is suggested for each day of guiding. Skiers/Riders are responsible for their guides' lift tickets and daily stipend.
  • Individuals shall pay their guide directly.
  • All lift tickets, lodging, travel and stipend are for Skier/Rider Guide pairs. They are not transferable.
  • Any abuse of these guidelines may result in a loss of DBS privileges.

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